We provide service for all of the models of All Grain Mills (A-33, A33X, Little Jiffy, B-50, B50X, A-22, A44, C-125) that have ever been produced as well as Sam Andy Mills and H.G. Harries Whole Grain Mills. Because of the specialized nature of the equipment used to build and repair these flour mills it is recommended that the mills be returned here to be repaired.  Our address can be found on the "Contact Us" page of this website.  If returning the mill becomes necessary, ship only the mill and not any of the attachments ( bags, buckets and lids etc.). Always contact us at (801)694-4255 or by mail before returning a mill to determine if it  is really necessary as some problems can be remedied on site. 


If the foam in your filter lid has disintegrated or has holes in it for any reason itis best to replace it because flour in the air will end up in the motor which will cause the motor to have problems. This also applies to canisters which are cracked and allow flour to leak out around the discharge spout.In some older models a flour bag was used instead of the canister and filter lid. These bags are no longer available but a canister and filter lid can be used with these models.
 When ordering canisters and filter lids, always state the model number (A-33, A33X, Little Jiffy, B-50, B50X, A-22, A44, C-125) and serial number (usually a four or five digit number) and the mills approximate age if known. If ordering canisters also send the spout height by setting the mill on a flat surface and measure from the flat surface to the bottom of the discharge spout and send this measurement also.
All Filter lids are $82.50
Canister and filter lids together are $97.50
Shipping will range between $10.41 to $12.09 on filter lids and $14.12 to $61.24 on buckets and fiter lids together and come by UPS
Credit card orders can be taken over the phone at (801) 694-4255 or send a check or money orders to the address on the "Contact Us" page of this website.
Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery

A-22 and A-44 Insructions
A-33 and B-50 Insructions
All Grain Owners Manual
Instructions for Grinding Moist or Oily Grains